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Correct Address
This may seem redundant, but just to be sure: really check whether your address is filled in correctly. If not the post service won’t be able to deliver your order, and is obligated to send it back to Rick and Veerle.

Once the Artists ships off the package, they will contact the client via email. Please be sure that your emailĀ  address is written correctly when filling out the order form so that Rick and Veerle are able to send the notification and possible tracking information.

Shipment Time
Even though Rick and Veerle will do anthing in their powers to send it as quick as possible, it’s still possible your order will take some time to arrive. Since we’re submerged in this pandemic situation, the post is really random regarding shipping time. That means it can take just a week to arrive in the US, but in the most unfortunate and extreme situations up to 5 weeks. That being said, all packages arrived safely.

If the package and artwork is damaged upon arrival, please contact the post service responsible for handling your order. Also contact me to let me know what happened, and so that can take actions when needed.

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