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Rick van den Berg
Painting on canvas (with a steel wire on the back)
130 x 90 cm

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This is both about the painting itself and the title. “The first letter of each word P-R-D-S is taken, and vowels are added for pronunciation, giving the word PARDES (meaning ‘garden’ or ‘orchard’). Each layer is deeper and more intense than the last, like the layers of an onion.” It’s about the literal interpretation of a text (in this case a painting), and breaking it down to a more abstract interpretation. In the end it will be just a concept, with a more personal view on the subject.
To visualize his interpretation of this concept, Rick used a combination of modern erotic imagery and natural elements, painted in bright colors. The composition itself is a little homage to classical paintings and sculptures. On the surface it seems therefore solely like a celebration of hedonism, but underneath there is a desire to reconnect with nature – and maybe even disconnect with our physical form. A theme that is common in the works of Rick. By exploring this painting more and more the spectator can unravel the hidden layers full of symbolism.


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