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Naughty By Nature

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Rick van den Berg
Painting on canvas (with a steel wire on the back)
60 x 70 cm

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With this painting I wanted to play around with the concept of censoring erotica. For instance on social media, where even pictures of old paintings were removed several times. Myself have a lot of problems on both Facebook as Instagram. Removed content, even a removed account. Sexuality, or just nudity, remains a bad thing, a banned thing, a forbidden thing. Unfortunately. In a lot of my paintings I deliberately censor certain bits. I don’t want it to be pornographic, and too graphic. To create a clash between decent and indecent, I choose to censor this painting with a piece of Bob Ross like landscape. Just a peaceful setting with some happy trees. At the center of it all an insanely bright flower pops out, heavily invaded by a hummingbird. With the erotic content and the fluorescent background it’s a piece that will surely grab the attention of whoever seeing it.


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