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Evolution of Rick’s Art

Kölcsönösség Rick van den Berg painting portrait woman pretty girl surrealism realism beautifulHow My Work Changed With Me And The Times.

When you look at a painting of mine from 5 years ago, or 10 years, you (probably) not only see that it has improved considerably on a technical level, but has also changed in terms of themes and visual language. My work was usually a bit more subdued in terms of composition, and portraits were central focal point. Now I practically only paint bodies. That shift wasn’t really conscious but gradual. Boredom strikes quickly with me. This is nothing new for me. A lot of things I find beautiful and interesting, so this also translates into my work. It keeps changing, evolving.

Fascination For Bodies

The fascination for bodies actually arose after an commissioned work where the client wanted me to paint a couple making love. To prepare for that commission I looked at quite a few spicy photos – and yes, you have to go through a lot of rancid junk. But the beautiful, well-exposed, photos were a considerable source of inspiration. The poses that accompany sex are sometimes so beautiful and graceful. These reminded me of classical works. Especially the dramatic and sometimes almost anatomically unattainable poses that you see in works by, for example, Caravaggio, Bernini, Giambologna, or Falero. That association caused the shift as mentioned above.PRDS Rick van den Berg painting nudity female nude sexual erotic art surrealism realism

Creative Censorship

We live in a time where, on the one hand, social and moral boundaries are blurring, and on the other hand, censorship and prudishness, are becoming more and more apparent. For that reason, I want to celebrate sexuality and nudity in my work, without it becoming seedy and vulgar. That would be too easy. As far as I’m concerned, it should have an erotic charge but still stimulate the imagination. That is why things are blooming and growing in thought out places. In any case, I like to add my own elements and natural parts with a symbolic value. That has always been a common thread through all of my artworks; connecting/preserving with nature, creating a connection with the cosmos and our creative self.


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